Survey: Best ways to invest $10,000 today, according to experts

The stock market is off to a rough start in 2022, as investors are concerned about rising interest rates and the impact of high inflation on the economy. The S&P 500 Index has fallen by nearly 20 percent so far this year, and bonds have tumbled, too. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite is down even more, falling by more than 26 percent as of June 27.

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In a new Bankrate survey, a group of investing pros revealed where they’d recommend clients to invest in 2022 to further grow their wealth. We asked respondents in the Second-Quarter Market Mavens survey: “Where, or how, would you advise a typical client to invest $10,000 right now?”

Their answers revolved around the themes of reducing risk and sticking to your long-term plan. Some suggested holding cash and waiting for volatility to settle down.

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This article is one in a series discussing the results of Bankrate’s Market Mavens second-quarter survey:

How to invest $10,000 right now

The survey’s market watchers pointed to a number of strategies for reducing risk amid the market volatility, with many suggesting investors hold a portion of their portfolios in cash as the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates to fight inflation.

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