Kelly’s Family APK

Kelly's Family APK

The Kelly’s Family APK game is a dating simulation designed to look like the star, but in reality, it’s based on real-life events. You play as Eng Setiur’s lover and must win over her heart by completing different tasks throughout each episode while staying fashionable.

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What is Kelly’s Family APK?

Kelly Family Game is an exciting, adult game. You can interact with many characters in this exciting and immersive experience that combines simulation to tell a story about Kelly’s life as she navigates her complicated relationships.

Application Details

File Name kelly family
Current Version v4.0
Size 176 MB
Developer Cruchy
Updated on 6 July 2021
Category: Games
Rating 4.5 stars
Requires Android 5.0 And Up

How to Download Kelly’s Family APK?

  • Download them instantly on your device by clicking the download button given below.
  • You can also save a file directly from a web browser if preferred and then extract its contents following instructions.
  • once downloaded through Google Drive/ Dropbox etc…
  • Now click “install” after downloading is finished to open up Play Store App which will ask you where would like apps installed? If not sure then go into settings.
  • After you install the app on your device, it will ask for permission to use some of its features.
  • Permit these as well and then start using APK right away.

How to Install Kelly’s Family APK?

  • When downloading an app, the first step is to locate it on and download your desired MOD file from there.
  • No need for third-party sites like FilesByIdownload or MediaFire.
  • After grabbing that downloaded content just tap immediately onto open up Installer “Install” option when prompted by installation wizard where you have time to stop during the process otherwise will lose all progress made since the beginning.
  • First of course start off with getting yourself Downloaded the appropriate App(s).


I’ve never played a game before that is based on real-life events. Kelly’s Family APK 2021 Latest Version Free Download For Android was different because it feels like you are in the story of Eng Setiur, her lover, and their love story.

The gameplay starts off by telling you about what happened to Eng Setiur during the first episode of this TV series with your task being to win over her heart throughout each new scenario for an entire year.

Alongside tasks such as completing missions or helping out around town, there are also dating sim elements where you can try to make progress towards winning over her heart.

As someone who has only ever watched these types of shows from afar, playing through Kelly’s Family APK.

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